Why is Digital Marketing essential for Japanese Language Institutes and Translators/Interpreters in India?

Long gone are the days when translators and interpreters of different languages had to apply to many places to get some work. In this digital era, everything can be done by you at your ease!

With the help of Email Marketing and Drip Marketing, one can easily get translation/interpretation projects of various multinational companies based in Japan. Email marketing gives you the power of doing Deep Marketing (Personalized marketing) and Marketing Automation. This leads to nurture of the leads and ultimately getting good projects.

There is one more thing people forget while targeting their Digital Marketing strategies towards Japan – LINE Marketing and Yahoo! JAPAN. See, Japan is a very different nation compared to the rest of the world, and here’s why:

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world after the US and China. 62 of the ‘Fortune 500’ companies are Japanese. Japan has the fourth-highest R&D spend in the world. It is also a stable place to do business: commitments are upheld and things happen on time. Doing business holds fewer obstacles and errors due to the strict company protocols, excellent customer service, and well-protected payment options.

Japan is one of the countries with the highest rate of internet use! The size of the Japanese market is large, so it is an exceptionally attractive market for the Western, Indian, as well as Korean companies looking to start promoting there. The major search engine of Japan is ‘Yahoo! JAPAN’ and not Google. This surprises almost all of the people abroad. Yahoo! JAPAN is also seen as a ‘Portal’ and is very popular among the Japanese people. The reason why Yahoo! JAPAN tops the list is that it is not only a search engine but also a portal and has a shopping space. So do not neglect Yahoo when it comes to search ads.

One thing that might surprise you is that TV broadcasting is extremely big in Japan. The national channels are still very strong and TV ads had always been number one. The things have slightly changed over to Digital Platforms since the pandemic – but only ‘slightly’.

In India, there are many Japanese language institutes present in various corners of the country. Most of them face the sole issue – how to increase the number of students? They complain that there are few people in India who wish to study Japanese, but that is not the case at all! Japanese anime culture is huge in India, and flocks of people wish to study Japanese. But there is two-sided confusion – learners are confused about where to learn from and institutes/freelancers are confused about where to find them. All of this can be solved with the help of Digital Marketing.

Find out more about this topic in my upcoming blogs.

Arigatou gozaimasu


Interview with Rumy Joshi from Fujiwara Japanese Consultant

Rumy Joshi is a Japanese language teacher as well as a consultant for doing business in Japan. Ms. Rumy Joshi is founder of Fujiwara Japanese Consultant . She is born and brought up in Japan . She was born in Osaka and raised in Kobe and therefore acquainted to Local Japanese Culture and lifestyle and speaks fluent Japanese just like a native speaker . She along with Mr. Mahesh Joshi has also interpreted for our Honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at Vibrant Gujrat 5th Global Summit in 2011. She has successfully trained over 1500 students in Mumbai including Corporate Employees , Conducts Japan Educational and Culture Tours and organizes Japan related Seminars and Events.

Without a further do, let’s hear from her.

Konnichiwa Rumy San. Youkoso!

I am very curious about your institute and your work. Please tell share something about that with us!

Konnichiwa. Sure! Main objective of Fujiwara Japanese Consultant is to provide Japanese language assistance through Japanese interpretation and translations, Japanese language Trainings , Conduct Japan Educational and Culture Tours and also conduct various Japanese related Events and Seminars , and in short to become a bridge between Japan and India and to bring Japan -India Closer. We want to promote Unique culture of Japan in India . Watashi tachi ni Makashite kudasai !!!

Japanese teaching in India. Why? Any particular reason or motivation?

Japan and India have always been connected with each other since centuries. I was born and brought up in Japan. I have lived my life in the Japanese way. And yet, my heart belongs to India. I have a dream to strengthen the lovely ties between India and Japan, and I am destined to do it through my services of language teaching, interpretation and consultancy. More recently, Indians have started loving Japanese pop culture, mostly through Anime, Cartoons like Doraemon and Shinchan, and more recently, Japanese dramas and Jpop. On the other side, Japanese people have also started embracing Indian culture items, such as Indian food, dress, and obviously – Bollywood! And I am here to deepen this relationship.

By whom are you inspired by?

My main source of inspiration is my dad and my late mom. I admire the hard work both of them did. I want to take their legacy forward.

How is the Joshi family a fine blend of Indian ethnicity with Japanese origins?

We have been embraced by the Japanese society ever since my dad went to Japan for the first time. Mr. Mahesh Joshi and his late wife Mrs. Neelam Joshi had gone to Tenri University Nara city Japan as Culture Exchange students 33 years ago. They not only graduated from Tenri university specializing in Japanese language but lived and worked in Japan since last 33 years . In fact, they were the First Indian Couple to marry in Japanese Wedding style San San Kudo and their Article was also published in Japanese Newspaper at that time . Mr Mahesh Joshi and his wife is not only Graduate of Tenri university from Nara city Japan specializing in Japanese language but Only Indian Person in the entire India who has a Motor Mechanical Certificate from Japan and Japanese license to open a garage in Japan.

What is the best way to learn Japanese?

I would say, no book can ever teach you any language, let alone Japanese. The only way one can be fluent in Japanese is by ‘immersing’ yourself into the ocean of Japanese. In our classes, I recommend that alongside bookish lessons, watch plenty of anime and Jdramas, listen and sing a lot of Jpop songs, read a lot of manga. That way, you will become someone who can develop a native like accent, hard to differentiate from foreigners!

Arigatou gozaimasu Rumy san! Thank you for sparing some time for this interview, and I hope your dream of connecting two major societies of the world will definitely come true! Ganbatte!

Kochirakoso arigatou gozaimasu Deep san for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I want to say ganbatte to all the Japanese language learners, and surely visit our classes after this covid crisis get over! Also, I hope for the safety for you and your family and let us work together in future!

Ja, matane!

Hai, matane!